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Catering Menu - Appetizer


Jumbo Lump Petite Crab Puffs:Served in phyllo cup that provides a delicate crunch top with a rich imperial sauce and baked until golden brown.

Jumbo Lump Petite Crab Cakes: Mini version of the best seller, packages all the flavors into perfectly sized bites.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail:These juicy shrimp are cooked just right and served with homemade cocktail sauce.

Barbeque Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: Enjoy this jumbo shrimp baked with crispy bacon and topped with mouthwatering tangy barbeque sauce.

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter:This selection of three cheeses and the freshest season fruits, is the perfect accompany to whatever menu you have plan.

Baked Brie Platter:This decadent dish consist of a whole wheel of brie stuffed with cranberries, pecan and brown sugar, wrapped in a golden puff pastry shell. The platter is garnish with bunches of fresh grapes.

Crudités Platter:An assortment of fresh crunchy vegetables, served with homemade ranch dressing or French onion dip.

Petite Homemade Spring Rolls:These mini delights are filled with fresh vegetables and ground ham, served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.

Golden Fried Chicken Tender:Platter Served with honey mustard or barbeque dipping sauce.

Chicken Wing Platter:Accompanied by celery sticks baby carrots and served with blue cheese or ranch dressing.


Our Sandwich Platters are design to serve 10-12 people each. Take advantage of our wide selection and pick a few choices to cater to all taste.

Deli Sandwich Platter:Your choice of freshly sliced cold cuts, meats and cheeses on fresh baked sub roll. Served with potatoes. Classic and simple, yet undeniably delicious.

Mini Croissant Sandwiches:Our selection of fresh meats, cheeses and homemade chicken, tuna and jumbo shrimp salad will taste even better inside this buttery golden croissant.

Deli Salad Sandwich Platter:Jumbo shrimp salad, chicken salad or tuna salad on your choice of fresh baked croissant or kaiser roll. Served with potatoes.

Meat and Cheese Platter:This fix-it your way platter features an assortment of three meats, two cheeses, fresh bread, potatoes, mayonnaise and mustard. This is the perfect choice to provide your dinner with multiple, quality, delicious options.

Signature Platter:This assortment of jumbo shrimp salad, chicken salad, tuna salad and egg salad sandwiches is served with fresh bread and condiment and accompanied with potatoes. Choose this platter to give your guess a real treat of sampling all of our famous homemade deli salads.

Famous Wrap Platter:This beautiful platter consist of Chanthol's classic turkey club wrap, west coast wrap, the fresh grilled chicken caesar wrap, chicken salad wrap and the Italian cold cut wrap, the only problem that your guess will have is deciding which wrap is their favorite.